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My Mission And Promise To You

My mission in life has become helping as many people as possible to become THE BEST version of themselves as possible. The "Be Your Own Hero" project or "movement" if you will, is my concentrated and nicely packaged version of everything I've learned in my 30+ year quest to get me from where I was to where I am as a person today.

I like the saying "I'm not who I WANT to be, but thank God I'm not who I USED to be!" Becoming the VERY BEST version of yourself is a LIFELONG JOURNEY, not a destination. Think about it, the destination of LIFE, is DEATH. We all go there, none of us have a choice. Why not make the best of our time here? Life is HARD enough already, why sit back and let it throw you around and make it HARDER?

Life is full of unpredictable, unforeseeable situations and circumstances. On the big scale, very little is in our control. Does that mean we should go through life not caring or trying? HELL NO! We have to take control of our lives to the best of our ability! I believe I have the knowledge and experience to help you but even more importantly, I've created some simple steps that make it MUCH easier.

We have control of our thoughts and our actions and those two things alone can change who we are and who we become! Those two (seemingly) simple things can change what we have and what we leave behind to our future generations. Don't take that the wrong way, when I say "what we have" I'm not suggesting MONEY or THINGS make any difference in who you are as person. They don't, not to me. Let's be realistic though, MONEY and THINGS can make life easier and a lack of either WILL make life harder! What we leave behind also does not refer to MONEY or THINGS, I mean the LEGACY you leave behind. What will it be, good, bad or none at all? Will anyone even remember you when your time here runs out?

My mission is to give you the tools to change your thoughts and actions, to change your life, increase your income and to build a LEGACY that you can be proud of! You and your legacy can and SHOULD be appreciated, remembered and talked about for GENERATIONS! I promise to share all the information, experience and tools I have to show you how and help you do it but it's up to you to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Bertram Heath Sr.  A.K.A.  "Bertman"

Bertram Heath Sr.  A.K.A.  "Bertman"

8 Reasons Why You MUST Become Your Own Hero:

  • Because you're tired of knowing you're NOT living up to your full potential!
  • NOBODY else is going to save you, they're all too busy saving themselves!
  • You have WANTS, NEEDS and DESIRES and ALL OF them are within your reach IF you learn to be your own hero!
  • There are ONLY 2 things in this life you have control over, your thoughts and your actions. OWN THEM!
  • Because you KNOW you're capable of BEING, DOING and HAVING MORE... and YOU'RE RIGHT!
  • If you love ANYONE you want to help them but you can't, unless you help yourself FIRST!
  • EVERYONE should leave a positive, LASTING LEGACY, whether you have children or not!
  • Once you learn to be your OWN HERO you can teach others to do the same... PAY IT FORWARD!

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