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If you know ANYTHING about me you know there are two things I work with almost DAILY in my business, VIDEO (of course!) and WORDPRESS! I LOVE the WordPress content management platform and I’d have a REAL hard road ahead of me if WordPress ceased to exist tomorrow. I don’t know if I’d even try to continue without it but there’s one thing I DO know and that is “I don’t know everything and I’m smart enough to know what I don’t know, ya know?”

Wordpress makes things possible that would NOT be possible for me otherwise, it would literally COST me more money than I EARN to pay someone to do for me with HTML what I do for myself with WordPress! Not only that, but the simple things that I COULD do with HTML in a few DAYS, I can now do in a few HOURS using WordPress… YEAH BABY!!! :-)

I tend to get a little excited talking about WordPress and I hope you understand WHY, it’s VERY important to learn WordPress in ANY online business unless you’re paying someone to do everything for you and even THEN it’s wise to know it so you can teach it to outsourcers, VA’s and other employees you hire.

I had the honor of meeting a successful internet entrepreneur today through a mutual friend and discovered he’s ALSO a WordPress expert who has some VERY successful friends who are also well known experts. Fortunately for you and I Cory Shanes is a very generous young guy who agreed to do a LIVE HOA with me AND he let me record it for you! >>Thanks Cory!<<

Please watch the recording below, there’s some valuable information hidden throughout the video that just “Came out” during our conversation. You might pick up some free tips that help you use WordPress better in your business but I ALSO think you’ll have a few laughs on us too!

QUICK TIP: The information in this video IS time sensitive and I MAY have to take it down after THIS Thursday morning so please WACTH IT NOW!


Hanging Out With Cory Shanes!

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I love WordPress even more now!


I admit it, I LOVE Optimize Press! I’ve been using Optimize Press for 90% of the websites and pages I create since it first became available a few years ago. Before O.P. there were no “Real” options for doing what it does, well, except for J.V. Press which was a big let down. J.V. Press had the potential but someone dropped the ball and never finished what they started so it was a very “Light” version of what it could have been.

Then, about a year after O.P. came out there was the Profits Theme which promised to be everything O.P. was and MORE. I picked it up as a WSO from the Warrior Forum because it was around $17.00, why not? Well, being a product creator myself, I knew it was a steal, even if I never used it. I’ve never used it…

In my humble opinion, O.P. has been THE WordPress theme for internet marketers and anyone else who needs to create beautiful, professional and high converting squeeze pages, sales pages, OTO/Upsell pages, download pages and membership sites. I even tried Kajabi because it’s created and used by many of the biggest I.M. Guru’s. I didn’t like the fact that Kajabi had little to no flexibility, meaning you can only do what Kajabi allows you to do. After using WordPress with themes and plugins I just knew there were things I could (and should) do that Kajabi doesn’t allow.

So now I’m full circle, back to O.P. as the reigning champion of ALL WordPress themes, right? Well, yes and no. Sure, I LOVE O.P. and there have been a LOT of themes that PROMISED to be “O.P. Killers” but they’ve dropped like flies, one after the other. None could hold a candle to O.P. until now that is!

Mark Dulisse has done it again! Mark’s products are well known for being VERY high quality and for delivering where others fall short. Sales Press Pro is no exception! I was fortunate enough to get an inside look at this theme 4 or 5 months before Mark even announced the release date, he’s been working on this theme for about a year and it’s finally ready! I was able to see all the amazing and unique templates inside this theme as well as the extra plugins Mark built into the theme.

I could literally go on for HOURS talking about this theme but I think it would make more sense for both of us if I just show you some of what this theme can look like and do, in this video. A truly amazing theme that has quickly become my FAVORITE WordPress theme (sorry O.P.!) Thanks to Mark Dulisse for creating such a powerful, flexible, professional and SEXY WordPress marketing theme!

You can get it here.







Thanks for visiting my blog! I know I need to create fresh new content much more consistently and I’ve been neglecting my blog for far too long! I look forward to connecting with you here so please feel free to share your comments, ideas and feedback here… I’m listening! In this video I’m sharing the results of a recent survey I did about creating information products, specifically, VIDEO products!

Also, let me know what you think of this new video player, I LOVE it! This is only one of 20 skins available in Mark Dulisse’s “Affiliate Traffic Player” (AKA Traffic Player Pro) which I’m a HUGE fan of. I purchased the original “Traffic Player” about 2 years ago and I still love that version as well, though I didn’t use it as much for myself as I did for many of my client’s sites… DOH! I just picked up the newest version (Developers License of course) yesterday so I’m off to a good start, let’s see how long I can be consistent with the video player and more importantly, posting on this blog.

Don’t forget to “SUPERSIZE” the video (click lower right corner to enlarge) so you can see it better!

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